Terms & Conditions

  • Fees are charged per term and follow Victorian state school terms.

  • There are NO Alphabet Avenue sessions on public holidays

  • Fees are due in three week instalments throughout the term, or as agreed prior as per invoices issued. Payment is due within 14 days.

  • Sessions CANNOT be done on a casual basis.

  • There is NO reduction in fees for non-attendance, and fees will not be refunded should you choose to leave mid-term.

  • Performers are responsible for the teaching of Alphabet Avenue only during specified session times.

  • Parents/Carers are required to be present during the Alphabet Avenue weekly sessions and Main Show to attend to the needs of their children.

  • Alphabet Avenue weekly sessions are NOT a drop-off and go activity.

  • Please note siblings are NOT allowed to participate in the sessions and must be supervised at all times.

  • Adult supervisors must be aware of the positioning of the electrical equipment and ensure that children are kept clear.

  • Alphabet Avenue has zero tolerance to bullying. Adult supervisors will be asked to remove any child intimidating another from the group activity.

  • Children being consistently disruptive may be asked to leave to session and be accompanied by an adult supervisor.

  • PLEASE NOTE: A cancellation fee of $80 may apply to any cancellation after a booking of the Main Show is confirmed. Any cancellation within 7 days of the Main Show performance will incur a fee of 50% of the Main Show fee.

  • The Alphabet Avenue weekly program runs for the duration of the term. Alphabet Avenue reserves the right to charge 100% of the term fee if sessions are cancelled once confirmed.. We will work with you to ensure the sessions are meeting expectations. If a session is missed, a make-up session will be arranged.

Please inform us of a cancellation as soon as possible to avoid inconvenience for our performers.